Sure, there aren’t many words that rhyme with Dahlonega, but singer-songwriter Kurt Thomas says he’s found one. Sort of. All this and much more is revealed in the always popular local musicman’s exclusive DigDahlonega interview right here! Read on reader!

iDig: Hey Kurt! Tell us about the first time you picked up a guitar.
Kurt: I saw Jay Drummonds play at my graduation at Lumpkin County High School and I knew it was what I wanted to do. So I went to my friend Zac and asked to buy a guitar from him and he sold me one for 80 bucks. It’s been a roller-coaster ever since.

iDig: Since  Zac Brown was kind of a musical mentor to you, and he was musically mentored by Shawn Mullins, do you have any mentoring plans of your own?
Kurt: I’ve tried to help when I get asked questions and helped some local folks get some shows. I guess I’ll wait for the right one to come along. I’m romantic
that way.

iDig: You’ve played a lot of shows in a lot of places. What’s the strangest
gig you’ve played?
Kurt: I’ve found that its usually not the place that makes a gig strange, its the people. And there are so many stories I wouldn’t know where to begin.

iDig: Is writing songs about your hometown extra hard because you have to rhyme words with Dahlonega?
Kurt: I once tried to rhyme it with harmonica, that song went nowhere.


iDig: If they ever make a KidzBop version of Kick Back (with a bottle of Jack) would you rather they change the words to “kick back with a carton of whole milk” or “kick back with a bottle of Yoohoo?”
Kurt: I’m a whole milk kinda guy. Nothing like the real thing. From the tap.

iDig: If someone shouts Freebird at a concert will you play it?
Kurt: I used to put a sign on my tip bucket that says “Freebird $20.”

iDig: If someone shouts Play that Funky Music White Boy will you then play that funky music?
Kurt: I find that you have to get your funk on every chance you get. Or is it funk out?

iDig: I think it’s either one. So what’s been the high point of your career so far?
Kurt: Making a living playing music and meeting Levon Helm of The Band.levonpics

iDig: Finish this sentence: If I wasn’t a musician, I would have been…
Kurt: …a comedian. I have to entertain somehow and I’m not pretty enough for
Hollywood. I was told I have a face for radio.

iDig: Where can we see you play and where can we buy the album?
Kurt: Please go to kurtthomasmusic.com, they have my merchandise and a list of all my upcoming shows. I’m also on iTunes and CD, baby.


You can also kick back with Kurt at the rescheduled First Friday Night Concert in Dahlonega’s Hancock Park this Friday, July 19.

Thanks for sitting in with DigDahlonega, Kurt! And if you like this post, share it!

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