Some stories don’t need words. Only pictures.
Which is why Brandon Zauche’s story of Dahlonega contains about 5,000 of them.
Over the course of a couple months, the University of North Georgia Art Marketing major has created a five-minute chill-bump-inducing time-lapse video, deemed Dahlonega: City of Gold, that’s currently making waves on Youtube.
In fact, less than two days after posting it to the site, the video has attracted more than 12,00 views.
(Editor’s Note: Since we won’t be able to write anything nearly as cool as his video check it out right here. Then come back to see how he did it.)
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“I would say I spent 200 hours on this project,” said Zauche. “That’s a good estimate.”
The film is actually composed of a series of shots taken at different scenic Dahlonega locations for about 90 minutes at a time.
“Each second of the video is 24 still pictures,” said Zauche.
The Forsyth County native got the idea for his senior project late one night as he drifted off to sleep.
“It just popped in my head because I had seen a video of Yosemite that was similar,” he said.
Suddenly he was awake.
“I got up and started typing on my phone, looking up all the locations to shoot,” he said.
Those locations include the familiar Dahlonega sights of the Public Square, Lake Zwerner, Price Memorial Hall and the UNG drill-field; as well as the nighttime sky from Preacher’s Rock, a field near Zauche’s house and even one especially starry spot in his backyard.
Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.15.48 AM
The striking, otherworldly results have some viewers asking if Zauche somehow dabbled in Hollywood special effects to produce the ethereal images.
“I’ve had people ask me if the nighttime shots were real or did I animate that,” he said. “A lot of people don’t realize that the earth rotates that much in a few hours.”
So, yep it’s all real; right down to the passing planes that streak across the sky like shooting stars, he said.
Now that Zauche’s project is complete he’s anxiously waiting to see if he’ll receive the passing grade needed to graduate. And though he thinks it’s a pretty safe bet, he doesn’t want to get too cocky.
“I’m hoping,” he said with a laugh. “You never know though.”
Yet as the Youtube views continue to boom, it’s apparent the Internet crowd has given is an A+.
“Honestly I’m a little blown away by this reaction,” he said. “I was hoping for a couple likes and a couple shares but honestly this had gotten out of hand.”

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If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s Brandon’s video one more time. And check out his web-site right here.
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