jacobfourbandtime1When most people get bored at night, they go to bed. Or maybe they watch several hours of Big Bang Theory reruns. But when Jacob Elliott ran out of things to do Tuesday evening he decided to start a four man band…by himself.
The Dahlonega web-developer and open-mic talent put together a striking late-night multi-layered rendition of Andrew Bird’s Tenuousness with only his guitar and his voice. And he did it all in one evening.
Check out the tune here:
“I’ve always been a big fan of Andrew Bird and wanted to do a cover video of one of his songs but didn’t have access to a loop pedal like the one that he uses or a violin,” he said. “But I sat down for a few hours last night and recorded several takes with my camera in my little home studio setup and then laid the parts over top of each other and looped them and applied effects and things to get the finished product.”
And as for the whistling, that was all him too.
“My voice wasn’t 100 percent due to the flu,” he said with a laugh. “But I made it work.”

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