Most of Georganna Seamon’s customers don’t arrive by car.
Hiking boot is the preferred method of travel as they follow a trail of white blazes that leads
directly through Mountain Crossings at Walasi-yi.
“We’re the only building that the Appalachian Trail passes through,” said Seamon. “They literally have to go through our building.”
5 Petal ProductionsThat’s pretty good for business at the peaceful out-of-the-way outfitter that sits near the top of Blood Mountain and a few feet over the Lumpkin-Union County line.
“A few thousand people are forced to go here,” she added with a laugh. “So we have that going for
Seamon and her business partner and husband Logan were once those
They passed through in 2009, a few days into their successful
2,000-mile thru-hike to Mount Katahdin. And though she’s always liked the
hostel, this wasn’t really part of the master plan…Want the full scoop on Mountain Crossings and much more? Then check out this  week’s edition of The Dahlonega Nugget on newsstands now, or in our E-Edition right here! And if you like this post, share it!6-4:hikercabin2


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